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Yes, there is a 50% deposit required upfront to reserve your date and time. To be made by a debit or credit card. Balance to be charged to the card on file 72 hours prior to event. You may reschedule the party if needed with a 1-week notice. There are no refunds of the deposit; cancellations and no shows will be charged the full price of the party.

Call, text or email us.
Text: 954-696-2646

You do not have to pay online although by paying online you reserve your spot in the class.

We strongly suggest that you prepay online for your desired class. If you are unable to pay online you are suggested to call ahead and book your space and see if the class is booked rather than showing up for a booked class. You can also pay for your classes in advance at our studio and we will reserve a spot for whatever day is good for you.

We pride ourselves on offering a unique experience that sets us apart from other studios. We built Sensual Souls from scratch with pole dancing and fitness in mind. Our poles were custom-ed engineered for our facility.

Our studio contains six 14ft brass poles (stationary and rotating). We also have 4 chrome stationary and rotating poles, as well. Our classes consist of a warm-up, stretching, sensual dancing, booty drills but we also make sure you have lots of pole time.

All of our instructors have a background in dancing and have professional dance and fitness experience. They are all inspired by dance and so go the extra mile in making students feel comfortable and learn proper form and technique. Sensual Souls also offers different types of dance and fitness which have been incorporated into the pole.

Absolutely not. Pole dancing is for everyone and anyone. Women seek pole dancing for different reasons.

Some of the women in our classes come to feel sexy, gain confidence, spice up their life or do something fun and special for their significant other. Women take up pole dancing to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, and strength.

The pole studio for some women is a place where they can let go of all their insecurities and feel comfortable and beautiful with themselves.

As women we always want to nurture and care for others, well I think it’s time we take care of ourselves and enjoy and love ourselves for the strong and beautiful women we are!

Dress comfortable shorts, tank top’s and sports bras work best as you will need as much skin possible to cling to the pole. Leggings or Capris may be worn if desired but please be advised you if you decide to try to climb the pole it will be impossible! No specific shoes required. We like to go barefoot but if you would like to bring your heels.


All purchases are final. No refunds on any service. No transfers, cancellations, or “freezing” of packages or memberships. Classes must be canceled 8 hours in advance to avoid a cancellation fee/loss of your class. Sensual Souls reserves the right to cancel classes at our discretion; classes must contain at least 2 students to resume.

It is now a part of the fitness industry, providing a great compliment or alternative to regular exercise. It provides increased upper body strength, muscle tone, and definition; it increases core strength and stability, coordination and flexibility. It will also develop endurance, power, stamina, and mobility.

Pole dancing is a great workout that works the entire body. You can lose weight and tone up while having fun and gaining confidence. After just a few classes, you will see and feel the difference in your body.

90% of the people that begin pole dancing believe they have no upper body strength or are not physically fit to do it. Pole dancing does not require you to have a fitness background. If you are not already fit, you will tone up, lose weight, and become stronger as you continue to take classes. We encompass strength training exercises in all of our classes to prepare you for more advanced tricks. All of our students are able to successfully learn spins and tricks regardless of their fitness level. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just your first class. You will feel so empowered by your achievements. Every week your strength will improve like in any other workout. So get ready to twirl..

Our studio space has been designed to accommodate special events such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and private classes. Please contact us for more information on reservations and pricing.