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Hey, Ronni, it’s Jennifer, I held my bachelorette party at Sensual Souls and it was a blast even though its 3 days later and I’m still sore my friends and i can’t stop talking about it. We loved it and can’t wait to come back to take a class. Thank you for an awesome experience…

Coral Springs, FL

Always since I was a little girl I had a passion for dance, and pole dancing helps me escape to that free feeling. It’s an extremely empowering and uplifting experience.

Hollywood, FL

Hi, my name is Sara and OMG, I workout all the time at the gym and one class and I am sore. I have definitely found a way to diversify my workout. It was so much fun i cant wait to come back.

Hollywood, FL

Hi, everyone, it’s Tamara, when I first came to Sensual Souls I said “I don’t have the upper body strength to do this” boy was I wrong, the way you break down the moves it so explanatory. I can”t believe how I’m climbing and inverting already, I’m so excited every time I see anything in the form of a pole I just want to practice on it… And my husband can’t get enough…

Hollywood, FL

I have to say I heard that pole dancing was an amazing workout but I’m a very shy, timid person and was very unsure about trying pole dancing. I have to say; the classes are very comfortable and the instructors are very comforting, they really take out individual time for each student to make us feel very special. I love Pole Dancing it has brought me out of my shell and excelled my confidence completely…

Tamarac, FL

I just want to thank you ladies. I have been struggling with my weight ever since I had my daughter a year ago, I can”t stand the gym. After my first pole class I couldn’t wait to come back, it was so much fun you don’t even realize how much you are working out until the next day of course my whole body was so sore. I have been coming to your classes now for a month and I have already lost 12 pounds. I look and feel great.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I’ve been married for 15 years and it wouldn’t hurt to bring that sexy back, so I thought that pole dancing would be good. Wow!! what a great idea… Pole dancing has brought up my confidence and opened up doors in my marriage I never thought it would open again!!!! Thank You, Sensual Souls.
Pompano Beach, FL

Hollywood, FL

I love every instructor here, you all have something different and great to offer…

North Miami, FL

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