About Sensual Souls Dance Studio

Sensual Souls is a female owned and operated dance studio offering a variety of classes for the everyday woman. Sensual souls is a beautiful, safe and comfortable environment in which any woman, size, age or nationality can explore their sensuality and learn to dance. You do not have to be a great dancer to take these classes, it is our goal to teach you to become one. Most women fantasize of being a beautiful dancer. The power, grace, confidence and the ultimate body that dancers posses is extremely empowering and irresistible. Feel beautiful, feel empowered and completely blissful. We were given the ultimate gift of being women, we deserve it.

Our goal is to reach every woman and proclaim the beauty, sensuality, confidence and self expression we all have.

About Ronni Delvalle

Ronni Delvalle has enjoyed and studied dance from a very young age. Ronni believes that dance is sacred and a freedom of the mind body and soul. Dance allows us to leave the outside world on pause and just escape to that bliss of our own that we hold inside and allow us to express it in an explosive way. Pole dancing empowers her in a way unlike any other dance or fitness, and put together is just magnificent. While pole dancing Ronni feels beautiful, graceful, expressive, strong and peaceful like she could do anything. Ronni would like to share with every woman how extremely important it is to love ourselves and feel beautiful.

Pole dancing is the ultimate expression of the soul and the ultimate in fun & fitness.