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Pole Dancing for Fun and Fitness! Empowering Women Through Dance!

Sensual Souls is a Pole Fitness Studio, offering many forms of pole dance and fitness. A safe, comfortable and fun filled environment in which every woman feels confident and beautiful while fusing sensual dance and fitness together.

Lose weight, improve body awareness, increase your strength, flexibility and confidence. Release your inner diva, and have fun while toning your body.

We offer small group classes, private lessons and pole parties.
Gift certificates and pole rentals are available!
Single Class $25
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How would doing Yoga in mid-air appeal to you? In addition to pole now we are introducing Silks! As may have been seen in cirque de soile or maybe by pink at the grammy’s. Fun but only for the masters, you might say. Fantastical as it may sound, one can actually practice the various poses and movements while suspended a few inches off the ground through Aerial Yoga. . This is where the giggling and the laughing begin, they say. So get ready for a relaxed flight towards inner peace. Aerial Yoga elevates the mind, the body, and the spirit.