Classes We Offer

Our classes give you a phenomenal sensual, sexy workout so take advantage of all of our classes and see immediate results. You will be amazed how quickly you will lose weight, tone your body, shrink your waistline, feel great and just have fun!

Sensual souls group classes are small, up to 10 girls max per class. If you have more than 10 girls you will need your own private pole party, or maybe you are more interested in a private 1 on 1 lesson. check out our prices below…


$25.00 each
1st class special $20.00


5 classes $100.00 (Only $20 per class)
10 classes $170.00 (Only $17 per class)
(Class packages are valid for 90days)
30 classes in 30 days may take up to 2 classes per day $199.00( low as $6.63 per class)
30 days UNLIMITED $249.00


1 on 1 $75.00ea(single)
1 on 2 $60.00ea($120.00)(double)
1 on 3 $50.00ea($150.00)(trio)
5 privates (single) $60.00ea – $300.00
10 privates (single) $50.00ea – $500.00
(Private packages are valid for 90 days)


Having a party?!?! Make it a pole party!!!! A fun and sensual Fitness bachelorette, birthday, or girl’s night out party is the way to go! All parties are a blast with Pole Dancing or Chair Dancing or go crazy with both!

Your very own sensual party will begin with a hot sensual and fun warm up to get your whistles blowin followed by a light stretch and right into that sensual pole or chair fun!!! Leave your inhibitions at the door ladies and just have fun there’s no party like a SENSUAL SOULS POLE PARTY:)

1 hour $200.00 up to 10 people ($20ea thereafter)
You are welcome to bring beverages (please no food during a 1 hour party)
Every additional hour is $150.00 up to 25 people max ($20ea thereafter)
Note: Food and drinks welcomed for 2 hour or more pole parties. Please be advised this will cut into your pole party, additional time may be purchased if needed with notice.


This is our first level class, it will help you understand the fundamentals of pole dancing and its correct form . Beginner pole will help you strengthen all areas of you body while working on your flexibility. Consisting a sensual fitness warm up to get your blood pumping followed by a awesome stretch to start gaining that flexibility then you will learn your initial form this is how to position your body to get you into those amazing sensual pole spins! You will then learn 1-3 spins your 1st class as well as some fun sensual moves & poses. During this class be ready to warm up using a series of movements that will firm, tone and sculpt your way to a fit you!!!

BEGINNER 2 POLE CLASS (Must take beginner 1 intro to pole 1st)

Beginner level 2 will help you review everything you learned during level 1 as well as new level 2 moves, getting you ready to become an advance student. During this level you will review a small dance routine including all of the spins and tricks you have learned adding a bit of more sensual movements and floor work. Prepare to become addicted. Every class includes a warm, stretch and pole work.


Hooray! get ready to climb & start being introduced to even more challenging moves, including viewing the world sideways and from above as you climb to new heights! In our intermediate pole class you will warm up with complex to advanced dance moves, intense toning of the abs, legs, glutes & arms. Slightly advanced floor work to enhance flexibility consisting of splits and straddles. Begin to become one with your inner pole dancer feeling more confident, sexy & powerful.


Wow! If you made it to our advanced level, you are truly addicted. Prepare to learn the best that pole dancing has to offer, as you climb, hang and hold your body with great power and strength. You are now the best of the best pole dancers.

BOOT CAMP POLE: (ALL LEVELS 1-7 Welcomed)(Must take beginner 1 intro to pole 1st)

Boot Camp Pole is an awesome pole class with an up beat warm up consisting of squats, lunges, jumping jacks, planks, etc and ending in a all level pole instruction toning the whole body while adding sensual pole spins, tricks and choreography. Every class includes a warm up, stretch and pole work.

CARDIO DANCE POLE: (ALL LEVELS 1-7 Welcomed)(Must take beginner 1 intro to pole 1st)

Get ready to sweat in our cardio pole class consisting of a constant before and after pole workout of heart pumping movements combined to keep you coming back for more. Get fit and toned while burning tons of calories and feeling sensual at the same time. Every class includes a warm up stretch and pole work.

HIP HOP POLE: (ALL LEVELS 1-7 Welcomed)(Must take beginner 1 intro to pole 1st)

Hip Hop Pole is a pole class with a hip hop warm up. Get fit and feel sensual with a hip hop twist of some body popping mechanical movements from club to sexy. Creating moves, steps and routines to make a hot mix with the pole. Every class includes a warm up stretch and pole work.

CHICK BOX POLE: (ALL LEVELS 1-7 Welcomed)(Must take beginner 1 intro to pole 1st)

Chick Box Pole is a Pole class with a kick box warm up made especially for our chickies consisting of some punches, kicks, bob & weaves to get the heart pumping and the calories burning. Kick box pole is a great way to get slim & trim the fast way, really toning the body & the cardio just melts away the calories. Get ready to get fit and sensual ladies. Every class includes a warm up stretch and pole work.
SENSUAL DANCE FLOOR WORK & POLE: (All levels welcomed)(Must take beginner 1 intro to pole 1st)
Sensual dance Pole class will take you to the next level of sensuality incorporating many sensual movements on the pole as well as walking with confidence and sensual floor movements. Every class consists of a warm up stretch and pole work.

SEXY CHAIR DANCE: (All levels welcomed)

A chair is a great prop for sensual dance, allowing you to express sensual movements including slow sexy leg work, Hair whips, body rolls some floor work and some awesome choreography. sexy chair dance is a pole class with a sexy chair routine to warm you up and prepare you for the pole. Every class includes a warm up, stretching & pole work.

STILETTO POLE: (All levels welcomed) (Heels mandatory)

Bring your heels and get ready to train like a pro. This class is perfect for you if your ready to work them sexy legs into shape. Sharper & toner elegant legs.

TONE AND SCULPT POLE: (All levels welcomed)

Tone and Sculpt Pole is a pole class with a warm up consisting of some light weight training to get your body sexy and toned. This class will work your body from head to toe, building each muscle to enhance your pole experience.

YOGA POLE: (All levels welcomed)

Yoga Pole consist of a meditation, deap breathing and stretching warm up. This class will help you experience a deep organic state of relaxation and freedom of the mind while firming and toning the body. Ending in a pole class, working your way up into your pole fitness level.


DRESS CODE: No lotions or jewelry. Class can be done in sneakers or barefoot. Bring your heels just in case you desire to wear them they are optional except for stilletto pole(mandatory)! For beginners you may wear leggings or yoga pants however as you progress in your pole level you will need shorts as you will need as much skin exposed as possible to cling to the pole. Sports bra and or tank top.

POLICIES: All purchases are final. No refunds on any service. And no transfers, cancellations, or “freezing” of packages/memberships!!! Classes must be canceled 24 hours prior to the class start time!!! If class is not canceled 24hours prior it is considered a late cancel or no show and will result in a loss of that specific class for count classes such as 5 or 10 class package’s if you have a time series such as 30 classes in 30 days or unlimited you will be charged a $15 fee in which will be debited from your credit/debit card on file.

Arrive 5 minutes prior to your class start time and no later than 10 min after as your spot could be taken by a stand by student.